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Video is a powerful tool

The primary reason I started watching highlight videos was to get excited about my upcoming game. But the more I thought about it, I realized that I could use game replays to improve my game as well. To improve in a mainstream sport, it is understood that you must watch a lot of video related to your sport. This will help you to learn about new possibilities and strategies. It’s the same in Ultimate, where watching good players will usually show you some new tricks. Ultimate is a relatively new sport. This correlates to a low amount of video recordings. Here’s a list of the best types of videos to watch, search for these keywords on YouTube:

Some of these types will have overlap. It’s a great idea to spend time reviewing film to improve your own game. And for a higher fun-to-time ratio, watch highlight videos with these kinds of keywords:

I’m sure you can find your own from related videos. Here are a few of my favorite full games and highlight videos:

Watching and analyzing video is a powerful tool, both to bolster your excitement for the game and to discover new ways to play.

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