Hi! I’m John Fonte, a Software Engineer at accesso. I build custom websites like Hybrid and M-Fly.


July 29, 2015

Review of Cory Gregory's 'Squat Every Day'

11 variations, 30 days, April 6th-May 4th

Cory Gregory, founder of MusclePharm, created a program called “Squat Every Day” for bodybuilding.com in April. He has actually been squatting daily for nearly two years at this point. He created a program using 11 different squat variations with the goal being to bring max effort to your squats each day. I jumped in headfirst.

June 26, 2015

Treat Clients like Humans

They’re Not Just Your Income

A typical mistake I see in the freelancing world is that sometimes clients are treated like the next means to a check. This is especially true in the realm of designing websites for small businesses. I currently have a client that felt ignored by their previous design studio. When design studios build websites, it’s easy to ignore the client because, well, you’re the expert! Even a small firm may have time or financial pressures that cause prices to be high and quality to be misguided.

June 09, 2015

Starting Small Tasks

Focus Up

The way I prefer to manage my time is to break large tasks into the next one or two actionable small ones. Sometimes these tasks are hard to focus on, because it takes time to switch tasks and get into a ‘flow state’. Whatever that time cost is, distracting yourself will cost more.