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11 variations, 30 days, April 6th-May 4th

Cory Gregory, founder of MusclePharm, created a program called “Squat Every Day” for bodybuilding.com in April. He has actually been squatting daily for nearly two years at this point. He created a program using 11 different squat variations with the goal being to bring max effort to your squats each day. I jumped in headfirst.

I completed 30 days of the program! A few days were tough, requiring that I get into the gym in a tiny window of time or in the morning before work. Mostly, what took me through was the commitment I made to post a daily video on Instagram. I wanted to just see what Cory was talking about. If it made a huge difference to work on my squat every single day.

At this point, I am a novice weightlifter - I started seriously in August 2014. I learned a few things about myself in a short span on this program. Here are a few of them:

As a result of all this learning in such a short time frame, my back squat went up by 20# in a month. My front squat positioning improved, which narrowed the gap between my front and back squat maxes. I’m now more confident about mobility, being able to fight through heavy weight, and my clean is more solid. If you want to challenge yourself, Squat Every Day for at least an entire month. Don’t forget to take video!

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